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William Farndale
born 1654 












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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





William Farndale, son of George and Merial (nee Younge) Farndale (FAR00077), born Skelton.


(Skelton PR)




William Farndale, married Mary Bennyson at Great Ayton on 27 Sep 1678. (If he was 24 at his wedding he was born in 1654).

(Great Ayton PR)


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Elizabeth Farndale, daughter of William ffarnedale of Great Ayton baptised 17 Dec 1682 (117).

(Great Ayton PR)




He was a benefactor of his grandfather’s Will, (FAR00071).

Jury Service:

William Farndale, sworn in for Jury Service at Loftus in 1700? Was this, this William?

(Loftus Manorial Papers)

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