We now get to much more detail about the individual, and certainty of record. For instance we now have his full date of birth record.

William is not in my own direct line of ancestry. But it is at this point that we start to get to different lines to modern families named Farndale


William ffarnedaill
22 January 1599 to January 1677 












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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





William ffarnedaill son of George Farndall (FAR00067) baptised Skelton. (First record of a Farndale with a full birth date).

(Skelton PR)



William Farndale must have married about 1622/23 because of dates of birth of his family deduced from his Will and PRs. Did he marry Jane ?? (see below).


Jane Farndale of Moorsome buried, Liverton 22 Oct 1682. If she was 80 when she died then she was born about 1602?



Hearth Taxes:

William Farndale of Moorsome had two hearthes.

(Hearth Tax, 1674)

William Farndale of Liverton was exempt from paying Hearth Tax.

(Hearth Tax, 1685)

William Farndale, of Hilton brought charges against James Hodgeson and William Kempley of Seamer on 23 Aug 1685.

(QS Books)



(deduced from his Will and entries in PRs):

George Farndall, born Skelton 3 Oct 1624 (FAR00077).

Isabell Farndayll, born Skelton 31 May 1628 (FAR00079).

James Farndell, born Skelton 1630 (FAR00080).

Anne Farndell, born and died Skelton Sep 1632 (FAR00081).

Unknown Farndale, who married John Mitin, say born 1634.




22 Jan 1697. Will of William Farnedaile, of Lytle Ayton proved. (If it is this William he must have been 98 years old. However it fits as there is no mention of a wife, his eldest son is dead and he has great grand children).

 ‘January this 22nd Day of 1697. I William Farnedaile of Lytle Ayton within the Diocese of Yorke, being weake in bodye but whole and sound in mind and of good and perfeit memory, prassed God for itt doe make and ordain this my last will and all former wils be voide and of none effect. First of all I bequeath my soule unto the hands of my Heavenly Father that, as He did create itt also by the pretious blode of Jesus Christ he will again for his sake receive itt.

Item. I give to my sonne George Farndall’s (FAR00077) three sonns, Francis, George and Richard, 5 pound apece.

Item. I give unto George’s (FAR00077) three daughters, Elizabeth, Merill and Elce (Alice?), fifte shilling apece.

Item. I give unto my sonne James farndale, (FAR00080) my best sute of close and ten shilling in the year for seven years.

Item. I give unto James farndale’s sonns (FAR00094 & FAR00098) six shilling and eight pence.

Item. I give unto my daughter Ishbil Atkinson (FAR00079) twenty shilling and to her seven children six shilling and eight pence apece.

Item. I give unto my son-in-law John Mitin and his wife ten shilling apece and ten shilling apece to his five children.

Item. I give unto Robert Hooper the elder, ten shilling.

Item. I give unto William Farndale (FAR00093) of Liverton, two shilling.

Item. I give unto the poor of Skelton, one shilling and sixpence.

Item. I give unto the poor of Moorsome, three shilling.

Item. I give unto the poor of Stanghowe, one shilling.

       And it is my will that all the above legacies shall be paid by my executors within one whole year after my decease being lawfully demanded and paieing a discharge of the same to all persons as is att age. And for such as is not att age, to pay them as they coum of age, and any of them that shall be taken away before they coum of age, then the legacies soe given shall be redeemed to my executor.

       And it is my will that my debts shall be paide, my funerall expenses discharged and bodie committed to the ground, all the rest of my estate whatsoever moveable and unmoveable, I give to my grandchilde, William Farndalle, (FAR00093) the son of George Farndalle (FAR00077) deceased, whom I make my whole and sole executor of this my last Will and Testament. In witness whereof I, the said William Farndalle, (FAR00093) have sett my hand and seal the day and year first above written.

                                   Signed William Farndale (Seal).


William Younge

Robert Masterman

Thomas Masterman

William Calvert

(York Wills)

William Farndale, died January 1677 at Great Ayton and was buried 24th Jan 1677 at Great Ayton.

(Great Ayton PRs)


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There is also a record that William Farndale was buried on 24 January 1678 at the All Saints Anglican Church at Great Ayton (Cleveland Historical Society)