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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





The Farndales of Skelton


The Kirkleatham Skelton Line are the descendants of Nicholas farndaile (FAR00059)


The Skelton 1 Line are the descendants of William Farndale (FAR00071)


Other Farndales associated with Skelton are:


Mar Farndale (FAR00084)


William Farndale (FAR00093)


George Farndale (FAR00113)


William Farndale (FAR00123)


William Farndale (FAR00125)


Elizabeth Farndale (FAR00139)


William Farndale (FAR00142A)


Elizabeth Farndale (FAR00155)


George Farndale (FAR00156)


William Farndale (FAR00157)


Mary Farndale (FAR00164)


Ann Farndale (FAR00165)


John Farndale (FAR00167)


John Farndale (FAR00168)


Mary Farndale (FAR00185)


Grace Farndale (FAR00189)


Mary Farndale (FAR00202)


Elizabeth Farndale (FAR00204)


John Farndale (FAR00217)


Elizabeth Farndale (FAR00235)


Anna Farndale (FAR00242)


Hannah Farndale (FAR00245)


Harriet Farndale (FAR00249)


Hannah Farndale (FAR00250)


Martin Farndale (FAR00264)


William Masterman Farndale (FAR00312)


Thomas Farndale (FAR00317)


Elizabeth Farndale (FAR00319)


Teresa Farndale (FAR00325)


Annie Maria Farndale (FAR00334)


John George Farndale (FAR00337)


Elizabeth Farndale (FAR00345)


William Farndale (FAR00356)


Martin Farndale (FAR00364)


John Farndale (FAR00376)


Matthew Farndale (FAR00383)


Charles Masterman Farndale (FAR00429)


Margaret Ann Farndale (FAR00522)


William Farndale (FAR00625)


Dorothy Annie Farndale (FAR00668)












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Skelton Castle










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The management of the Skelton Park pit in the 1880s




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Skelton or Skelton-in-Cleveland is a small town in the civil parish of Skelton and Brotton in the borough of Redcar and Cleveland in the North East of England. The town lies within the ceremonial county of North Yorkshire and is governed by the unitary authority of Redcar and Cleveland. It is situated at the foot of the Cleveland Hills and about 10 miles (16 km) east of Middlesbrough. Skelton is made up of North Skelton, Skelton Green and New Skelton. The first real mention of Skelton is in the Domesday Book, which talks about taxes collected. Skelton Castle was built in the 12th century by the de Brus (Bruce) family.





Skelton today



















 Skelton 1856