This medieval period precedes the time to when we can establish direct links. But many of these records will nonetheless be records of our common ancestors in the years before Nicholas.


The Farndale Directory
Volume 1







References to Farndales born during the period 1150 to 1500 and the area where they lived

(In this earlier period, sometimes the reference is to activities during the period, rather than to date of birth)





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Chapter 1 - The Beginnings - the Middle Ages, 1154-1400


Chapter 2 - The Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries, 1400-1600















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FAR00001 - Earliest References

What we know about Farndale before and at the time of the Norman Conquest.








FAR00002 - Rievaulx Chartulary, 1154

Reference to Edmund the Hermit who lived in Farndale.


A gift of land in Farndale to the abbots of Rievaulx.

1066 The Norman Conquest






The Plantagenets, 1154-1399


Henry II, 1154-1189


Richard I, 1189-1199


King John, 1199-1216



Magna Carta, 1215



Henry III, 1216-1272


FAR00003 - The forest of Farndale, 1209-1211

Rights to Nicholas de Stuteville in the Royal Forest of Farndale.



FAR00004 - The forest of Farndale, 1229-1255

More reference to the Royal Forest of Farndale.



FAR00005 - Pastures at Farendal, 1225 and 1227



FAR00006 - Nicholas de Farndale, 1230

The first personal name linked to Farndale.



FAR00007 - Passage of cattle rights, 1233



FAR00008 - Peter de Farndale, 1238


FAR00009 - William the smith of Farndale, 1240



FAR00010 - John the Shepherd of Farndale, 1250



FAR00011 - Alan son of Nicholas Farndale, 1255

The son of Nicholas Farndale, who we know about because he paid taxes.



FAR00012 - Robert son of Peter de Farndale, 1263

Robert de Farndale was outlawed for hunting.



FAR00013 - De Willelmo de Farndale, 1265

A Farndale name living in Danby.



FAR00013A - Roger milne (miller) of Farndale, 1265

Roger the miller of Farndale who killed a soar and slew a hart (a male deer) with bows and arrows at some unknown place in the forest


Edward I, 1272-1307


FAR00014 - De Johanne de Farndale, 1275

De Johanne de Farndale who had now moved yet further afield to Egton.



FAR00015 - Walter de Farndale, 1275

Walter de Farndale was a vicar and we have several records about him.


This might have been the same Walter de Farndale, whose death by Hugh de Faulkes of Lebreston was pardoned but on condition that Hugh de Faulkes joined an expedition against the Scots.



FAR00016 - Richard de Farndale, 1275

Richard de Farndale had a gift of land at Marton (now part of Middlesborough) but was excommunicated for stealing in 1316.



FAR00017 - Rent in Farndale, 1276

References to payment of rent in Farndale.



FAR00018 - Gilbert de Farndale, 1279



FAR00019 - Farndale poachers, 1280



FAR00020 - Serfs of Farndale, 24 March 1282

In a certain dale called Farndale there are fourscore and ten natives, not tenants by bovate of land.



FAR00021 - Simon de Farndale, 1282

Simon the miller of Farndale.



FAR00022 - Nicholas de Farndale, 1284



FAR00023 - Thomas and Richard of Farndale, 1291

Excommunicated at Pickering Castle for stealing.



FAR00024 - Robert of Farndale, 1292

Fined at Pickering Castle for poaching in 1322.



FAR00025 - Adam de Farndale, 1295

An appeal by Agnes, late wife of John de Maunby against Adam de Farndale for the death of her husband on 21 Sep 1320.



FAR00026 - John de Farndale, 1298

John de Farndale, released from excommunication at Pickering Castle on 9 Apr 1324.



FAR00027 - Not used



FAR00028 - Roger de Farndale, 1300

Bailed for poaching in1334 and 1335.



FAR00029 - Farndale subsidies to the King, 1301

Thirty five people in Farndale paid a subsidy mainly for the upkeep of the Great Forest of Chartres.



FAR00030 - Johannis de Farndale, 1303

A saddler, made Freeman of York in 1363.



FAR00031 - Robert of Farndale, 1307

Outlawed with others for hunting a hart in the forest in 1332.


Edward II, 1307-1327


FAR00032 - Not used



FAR00033 - William Stibbing of Farndale's oxen, 1310



FAR00034 - William Farndale, 1310

The first recorded use of Farndale as a surname without the ‘of’ or ‘de’.


Edward III, 1327-1377


FAR00035 - Johannis de Farendale, 1330

Freeman of York.



FAR00036 - William Farnedale of Shyrefhoton, 1332



FAR00037 - William, smith of Farndale, 1310



FAR00038 - William Farndale, vicar of Doncaster, 1342

Vicar of Doncaster between about 1360 and 1420.



FAR00039 - Founding of a House of Friars, Farndale, 30 July 1345

The long wars with the Scots, involving the people of Yorkshire, ended with an invasion by David II of Scotland in 1346, encouraged by the French. He reached York, but failed to take the city.


Archbishop de la Zouche rallied Yorkshiremen to resist the invasion and a crushing defeat was inflicted at Neville's Cross. David was imprisoned.


FAR00040 - William Smyth of Farndale, 17 January 1347



FAR00041 - The Fair at Farndale, 1350

The Black Death hit Yorkshire in March 1349. All classes, from nobility and clergy to peasants were decimated.


In rural areas, the heavier rate of mortality was in the more densely populated East Riding.


FAR00042 - Farndale folk, 1353



FAR00042A - John Farndale, 1354

Party to a major livestock haul.



FAR00043 - John Colynman of Farndale, 1354



FAR00044 - Richard Farendale, 1357



FAR00045 - Helen Farndale, 1359



FAR00046 - Agnes Farndale, 1361



FAR00047 - Farndale folk, 10 February 1366



FAR00048 - Farndale folk, 20 November 1372

Richard II, 1377-1399


FAR00048A - John Fernedill, 1378

Butcher and freeman of York.



FAR00049 - Margorie Farndale, 1383



FAR00050 - Agnes Farndale, 1385



FAR00051 - Alice Farndale, 1387


FAR00051A – John Farndale, 1385



FAR00052 - William Farndayll, 1388



FAR00053 - Pardon to Robert de Wodde of Farndale, 19 April 1396



FAR00054 - Farndale folk, 2 May 1398

House of Lancaster, 1399-1461


Henry IV, 1399-1413


Henry V, 1413-1422


FAR00055 - Reference to Tydkinhowe, 28 May 1422

Henry VI, 1422-1461


FAR00056 - Robert Farndale, 1460

Rector of South Stoke, Sussex.



FAR00056A - William Farndale, 1450

Whose wife was wrongfully deprived of her inherited lands.

House of York, 1461-1485


Edward IV, 1461-1483


Edward V (two months)


Richard III, 1483-1485


FAR00057 - Thomas fyndaille, 1484



The Tudors, 1485-1603


Henry VII, 1485-1509