George William Farndale
12 February 1897 to September 1953 












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George William Farndale, son of Arthur Edwin and Mary (nee Burns) Farndale (FAR00532) born on 12 Feb 1897 at Liverton, baptised 12 May 1897.

(BR and letter)

George William Farndale registered Middlesborough District Jan-Mar 1897

(GRO Vol 9d page 581 - 1837 Online)



George William Farndale, married Doris May Earnshaw Dec 1921 at Wittam District. (Doris was born at Sheffield in 1901 and died at Wallingford, Surrey in 1949).



Brenda Farndale, born Sep 1925 Maidstone (FAR00894).

Patricia Farndale, born Jun 1927 Maidstone (FAR00904).

Sheila Margaret Farndale, born Dec 1928 Maidstone (FAR00910).

George Brian Farndale, born Sep 1930 Maidstone (FAR00913).

John Alan Farndale, born Mar 1932 Croydon (FAR00921).

Ann Georgina Farndale, born Dec 1934 Lambeth (FAR00934).

(Letters and BR)


George W Farndale, died age 56 at Middlesborough District Sep 1953, at Great Ayton, (ie born 1897).