Mark Farndale
6 December 1885 to 29 November 1918 












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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





Mark Farndale, son of John George and Elizabeth (nee Sanderson) Farndale (FAR00337), born Ontario, Canada.

Born 6 December 1885 at York, Haldimand County, Ontario





1891 Census of Canada - Etobicoke, York West, Ontario


Mark aged 5



1901 Census of Canada – Toronto Township


Mark, an English labourer aged 15, living with the Wilson family



Homestead grant, 9 October 1907


Mark Farndale



1911 Census of Canada – Humboldt, Saskatchewan


Mark, a farmer living with his wife, Mary Alberta Farndale




Mark Farndale, married Mary A Wiltse 23 September 1908. They lived at Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Mary Alberta Farndale 1880 to 1974

Wiltse, Annie May & sister Farndale (Wiltse) Mary Alberta




Anne Lilian Farndale, born Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 6 June 1911 (FAR00781).

Lloyd Wiltse Farndale, born Manitoba, Canada ?? 1913 (FAR00793).

Audrey Farndale, born Manitoba, Canada ?? 1916 (FAR00827).

Ina Elizabeth Farndale, born Manitoba, Canada ?? 1918 (FAR00848). Born and died 1918.


Mark Farndale, died on 29 November 1918 of the ‘flu epidemic.

(All from letters)


Farndale, Mark & daughter Ina Elizabeth


Jansen Cemetery, Saskatchewan, Canada





This photograph is of Mark's father, John George Farndale and the family taken in about 1887 in Canada - his family left to right are George, Teresa, Mark, Charles and Albert