John Farndale
26 June 1848 to June 1914 


















Railwayman of Loftus 



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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





John Farndale, son of Martin and Elizabeth Farndale of Fogga (FAR00264) baptised Skelton, 19 July 1848, born 26 Jun 1848.

(Skelton PR & IGI)


John Farndale aged 33, bachelor, labourer of Kilton, son of Martin Farndale, farmer married Elizabeth Featherstone aged 27, a spinster of Roxby, daughter of john Featherstone, labourer at the Parish Church Hinderwell, on 8 Oct 1881 Matthew Farndale was a witness.


Elizabeth (mother of John M Farndale sent from Keith Farndale). There is a note that this is Elizabeth Winspear, but I think this is Johnís wife, Elizabeth Featherstone if it is John Martinís mother.




Martin Farndale's (FAR00364) two brothers lived nearby; John, the next brother, lived at Loftus and worked on the LNER.


1861 Census


In 1861 Martin Farndale was the head of the family, an agricultural labourer, as 61 Galey Hill, Hutton Lowcross, with Elizabeth and John then aged 12 and Johnís brother Matthew, then aged 10.


1881 Census


In 1881 Bessie Farndale (Johnís mother) was shown as head of the household, now a widow at Kilton Village, living with her sons John aged 32, a railway porter and Matthew (an agricultural labourer)


1891 Census


In 1891 John (42) was now head of the household living at 4 East Street and a railway signalman. With him were Elizabeth (37), John M (5), George (3) and William (7 months)



1901 Census


John Farndale, aged 52 was the head of the household at 4 East Street and a railway signalman. He lived with his wife Elizabeth (aged 47) and his son John Martin (aged 15, a grocerís apprentice) and George (aged 13), William (aged 10), Elizabeth (aged 8) and Albert E (aged 6).


1911 Census:





Hannah Mary Farndale, born Liverton Jun 1883 (FAR00595).

John Martin Farndale, born Loftus 4 Mar 1886 (FAR00613).

George Farndale, born Loftus 28 Mar 1888 (FAR00627).

William Farndale, born Loftus 13 Aug 1890 (FAR00642).

Elizabeth Farndale, born Moorsholm 5 Jan 1893 (FAR00654).

Albert Edward Farndale, born Loftus 8 Dec 1894 (FAR00667).



John Farndale, age 65 at Guisborough District Jun 1914







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Sons of John Farndale


Left to right: John Martin, George, Albert and William Farndale