William Farndale
16 December 1842 to 9 June 1854 












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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





William Farndale, son of Martin Farndale a labourer of Fogga Farm Skelton and Elizabeth Farndale formerly Taylor (FAR00264) baptised, Skelton; born 14 Dec.

(Skelton PR & IGI)

William Farndale, born Guisbro District Oct -Dec (Dec) 1842

(GRO Vol 24, page 370 - free BMD and 1837 online)


William Farndale son of Martin Farndale, farmer, aged 11 years died at Skelton of inflammation of the chest, on 9 Jun 1854. Martin Farndale present at the death.



William Farndale of Holly Haugh buried Skelton old churchyard, 1 Jul 1854 died on 29 Jun 1854 aged 11 years. (ie born, 1842).

(Skelton PR)