Farmer in Brotton and Iron miner of Loftus


George Farndale
8 March 1843 to September 1917 












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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





George Farndale, son of George and Ann Farndale (nee Ventress) of Brotton, (FAR00252) farmer, baptised, Brotton.

(Brotton PR)

George Farndale, born Guisbro District Reg Jan - Mar 1843

(GRO Vol 24 page 392 - free BMD and 1837 online)


Birth Certificate - born 8 March 1843 at Brotton, to George Farndale, farmer and Ann Farndale (formerly Ventress), registered 18 March 1843

Baptised 12 March 1843, George son of George (farmer) and Ann at Brotton - service performed by William Close perpetual curate. Certificate of Baptism.


George Farndale of full age, bachelor, labourer of Lofthouse, son of George Farndale, farmer married Hannah Mary Walker of full age, spinster, servant of Lofthouse daughter of William Walker, blacksmith, on 9 Nov 1867. (ie George 25 at his marriage).
































William George Farndale, born Loftus 1868 (FAR00492).

Sarah Annie Farndale, born Loftus 1871 (FAR00505).

Arthur Edwin Farndale, born Loftus 22 May 1875 (FAR00532).

Edith Emily Farndale, born Loftus 1877 (FAR00546).

At the time Arthur was born, George was an iron miner and living at 9 Duncan Place, Loftus ("Lofthouse")
























George Farndale, age 74 at Middlesborough District Sep 1917, MSN Ventress






Georgeís birth certificate


















Arthurís birth certificate






Georgeís baptism certificate