Hannah Farndale
1 March 1802 to 1 March 1802

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Hannah Farndale, recorded as the “illegitimate” daughter of Elizabeth Farndale (FAR00204) of Skelton, baptised on 1 March 1802 and buried same day.


On checking, I have not refound the record of her death the same day, but this seems likely as I don’t believe records of other Hannahs after this date are this Hannah.


The only Elizbeth Farndale of Skelton of about the right time is Elizabeth Farndale FAR00204, though note that this Elizabeth married in 1801, But I can find no other Elizabeths to match, so I have concluded this must be her mother, and there must be a story of separation between 1801 and Hannah’s birth in 1802.