Elizabeth Farndale
22 July 1781 to ?

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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





Elizabeth Farndale, daughter of Samuel Farndale (FAR00149) of Kilton a joiner & Elizabeth his wife baptised, Brotton.

(Brotton PR & IGI)


When Elizabeth Farndale was born in 1781 in Kilton, Yorkshire, her father, Samuel, was 46, and her mother, Elizabeth nee Hutton, was 31



She married William Smith on 2 June 1801

Elizabeth Farndale married William Smith at Skelton, by Banns, 2 Jun 1801. She aged 20

(Skelton PR)




But she appears to have separated in some way from William by 1802 because she then had two daughters both of whom, in the language of the time, were described as ‘illigitimate


I still ned to check whether there were two different Elizabeths, but that is not obvious from the records.




Hannah Farndale. Recorded as the ‘illegitimate’ daughter of Elizabeth farndale, baptised 1 March 1802. Probably died at birth. FAR000245.


Harriet Farndale, Recorded as the ‘illegitimate’ daughter of Elizabeth farndale, baptised 20 January 1805.FAR00249.


Still to research further, including checks against Elizabeth ‘Smith’ after 1801.


It seems odd that this Elizabeth married n 2 June 1801, and gave birth illegitimately to Hannah on 1 March 1802 (only exactly 9 months later). But could Hannah have been another’s? But why then was her second daughter also illegitimate, unless there was a sepaation?