Labourer in Middlesborough (Ormesby) and Aycliffe, near Darlington


John Farndale
13 August 1751 to early 1841 












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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





John Farndale, son of William Farndale (FAR00123) baptised Skelton.

(Skelton PR & IGI)


John Farndale, a labourer and Jane Hornby a spinster, both of the Parish of Ormsby were married by publication of Banns on 20th Mar 1775. He would be 24.

(Ormsby PR & IGI)


John Farndale, age 89 years died of decay of nature at Burton Great, Aycliffe, Co Durham on 2 Jan 1841. Thus he was born in 1751/2.


John Farndale death registered Darlington Jan-Mar 1841

(GRO Vol 24, page 35 (findmypast online))









Ormesby now sits within southeast Middlesborough






Aycliffe lies a few miles north of Darlington. Burton looks to be a district now in the area of Newtown Aycliffe.