A constable in Loftus and a freeholder, sharing for some time with his youngest brother


William Farndale
3 January 1739 to 19 June 1813 












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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





William Farndale, son of William Farndale (FAR00123) baptised Skelton.

(Brotton PR)


William Farndale married Hannah Toes both of Lythe Parish at Lythe Parish Church, by Banns on 14 Apr 1761. Witnesses; William Toes, John Stangoe. He would be 22 years old.

(Lythe PR)


Mary Farndale, daughter of William and Hannah Farndale of Barnby, baptised at Lythe Parish Church 28 Jan 1763 (FAR00186).

(Barnby PR)

Mary Farndale daughter of William and Hannah Farndale of Barnaby baptised Lythe Jan 1765 (FAR00190).

(Lythe PR)

Hannah Farndale, daughter of William Farndale of Loftus, baptised Loftus14 Sep 1767 (FAR00191).

William Farndale, son of William Farndale of Loftus, baptised 12 Aug 1770 (FAR00194).

John Farndale, son of William Farndale of Loftus, baptised 27 Oct 1772 (FAR00196).

(Loftus PR)




Court Leet;

1781. ‘At this Court Leet William Farndale was elected and sworn as Constable for the year for South and North Loftus.’

(Loftus Manorial Papers)

1784. Entry exactly as above.

Freeholders and Tenants - South and North Loftus;

William and John (FAR00168) Farndale- f’holders S Loftus

William and John (FAR00168) Farndale -f’holders S Loftus

William and John (FAR00168) Farndale - tenants N Loftus

1803. John Farndale (FAR00168) - tenant N Loftus.

1818. John Farndale (FAR00168) - f’holder N Loftus.

1830. John Farndale (FAR00168) - f’holder but entry crossed out.

1831. No Farndales mentioned.

William was the eldest brother, and John the youngest (fifth). It seems that William and John Farndale lived in South Loftus from 1778 to 1790 as freeholders. William was no longer there in 1803. He died in 1813. John seems to have bought property in 1817 Loftus and is shown as a freeholder from 1817 to 1830. His name is crossed out in 1830 when he either left or died.



Hannah Farndale, aged 69, buried Loftus, 29 Dec 1801. Thus she was born in1732 and was older than her husband. She would have been 29 at her wedding.

(Loftus PR)

William Farndale, of Lofthouse, aged 75, buried Loftus 19 Jun 1813

(Loftus PR & IGI)



Watchmen and Constables


Law enforcement and policing during the 1500's, and earlier, were not administrated nationally, instead they were organised by local communities such as town authorities. Within local areas, a constable could be attested by two or more Justices of the Peace, a procedure that some sources say had its roots in an Act of the Parliament of England of 1673. From the 1730s, local improvement Acts made by town authorities often included provision for paid watchmen or constables to patrol towns at night, while rural areas had to rely on more informal arrangements.




In 1737, an Act of Parliament was passed "for better regulating the Night Watch" of the City of London which specified the number of paid constables that should be on duty each night. Henry Fielding established the Bow Street Runners in 1749; between 1754 and 1780, Sir John Fielding reorganised Bow Street like a police station, with a team of efficient, paid constables