William appeared to have lived most of his life at Kilton and had a family of 5


William Farndale
Baptised 23 November 1690 












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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





William Farndale, son of George Farndale (FAR00103) baptised at Liverton.

(Liverton PR)


William Farndale of Skelton Parish married Mary Butterwick of Brotton at Skelton by banns, on 25 Nov 1738. (William would be 48). Or was the marriage date 25 February 1738?

(Skelton PR)


William Farndale, son of William Farndale baptised Skelton 3 Jan 1739 (FAR00152).

Elizabeth Farndale, daughter of William Farndale, baptised Skelton 7 May 1741 (FAR00155).

George Farndale, son of William Farndale baptised Skelton 26 May 1743 (FAR00156).

Mary Farndale baptised Skelton 28 August 1748, buried 28 Mar 1750 (FAR00164)

John Farndale baptised 13 August 1751 (FAR00168)

(Skelton PR)




William Farndale, Churchwarden of Skelton Parish Church in 1729. (He would be 39 years old).

(Skelton PR)


William Farndale of Kilton buried Brotton 16 May 1782. He would be aged 92.

(Skelton PR)

Note: Bailey’s Records of Longevity states, ‘Mary Farndale a widow of Kilton near Gainsborough (Guisborough?) died 1810 aged 98.’ (therefore born in 1712). Almost certainly this Mary.


Mary Farndale, widow, buried Brotton 15 Jan 1810.

(Bailey's Records)