Churchwarden of Loftus who was fined for letting his horse loose on the common


George Farndale
10 August 1662 (Baptised) to 20 December 1740 (Buried)

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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





George Farndale, sonne of Nicholas Farndail (FAR00082) baptised Liverton.

(Liverton PR)


George Farndale of Liverton, married Ellis (Alice?) Petch of Loftus at Loftus on 19 Apr 1688.

(Liverton PR)


Elizabeth Farndale, daughter of George Farndale, baptised Liverton 10 Feb 1689 (FAR00119).

William Farndale, son of George Farndale, baptised Liverton 23 Nov 1690 (FAR00123).

Ann Farndale, daughter of George Farndale, baptised at Loftus 25 Jun 1693 (FAR00124).

(Liverton PR)

? Farndale, ?? of George Farndale of Loftus baptised at Loftus (FAR00126).

(Loftus PR)




George Farndale, of South Loftus, Churchwarden 1700. (Would be age 38).

(Loftus PR)


George Farndale, is fined by the Jury of the Manor Court of North Loftus for letting his horse go on the North Loftus Common, 1s.

(Loftus Manor Court Rolls)




George Farndale, buried 20 December 1740 at Skelton.



Alice Farndale, widow, buried Skelton 10 February 1744/5. (would be aged 76 and could be George’s widow).

(Skelton PR)



























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