Georgins ffarndayle
28 March 1602 to 17 August 1693

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Georgins ffarndayle baptised son of George ffarndayle (FAR00067) at Skelton.

(Skelton PR)

A now off-line website ( indicated that George Farndale born 16 March 1602 and that his mother was Margery Nelson (no information about father)


When George Farndale was born in 1602, his father, George, was 32 and his mother, Margery nee Nelson, was 32


George farnedayle must have married between 1623 and 1624, see dates of birth of his children.


Was his wife’s name Jane and was she Jaine (sic) Farndale (1610-1678) who died at Liverton on 26 Aug 1678? Or was this her daughter below?

(Liverton PR)


William Farndale, born Liverton 20 Nov 1625 (FAR00078).

Nicholas Farndale, born Liverton 6 Jul 1634 (FAR00082).

Jane Farndale, born Liverton 17 Nov 1636 (FAR00086).

Isabell Farndale, born Liverton18 Mar 1637/8 (FAR00088).

(Liverton PR)

( only identified Nicholas Farndale as George Farndale's son)




Hearth Taxes;

George farndaile had one hearth at Moorsome in 1673.

George ffarndaile hath two hearths at Moorsome in 1674

(Hearth Tax Returns).



He died in August 1693 in Loftus, Yorkshire, at the impressive age of 91.


George Farndale, buried Loftus 17 Aug 1693 (age 91?)

Jaine Farndale, buried Loftus 26th august 1678, could have been George’s wife aged about 55 or their daughter aged 44?

(Loftus PR)