George is the person to whom I think most or perhaps all Farndales today will be able to trace lineage on definite record. We can then trace two further generations back from George, to Nicholas, using educated guesses.


George Farndale

1570 to 9 March 1606


 The Kirkleatham Skelton Line










George had five children in his short life to the age of 36 


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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB





If he was 25 at his wedding then he was born about 1570 and could be the son of William (FAR00063)?


George Farndaile was born in 1570, the son of Margaret nee Atkinson and William Farndale




George Farndale of Skelton married Margery Nelson of Wilton. Either place in 1595.


(Wilton PR/YATJ p362)


Paver’s Marriage Licences from the registry of York: Marriage Licence: 1595 – Farndale, George of Skelton – Nelson, Margery, of Wilton – where to be marred: Either Place


England Boyd’s Marriage Indexes – George Farndale married Margery Nelson in 1595




In a Deed of 1592, a George fferndale of Moorsham is referred to several times relating to property at Skelton as to whether he had purchased it a previous date. If it was this George he would be only 22.

(Deed 1592)

Church records

George ffarnedayle of Moorsome is mentioned in the Inspeximus in Skelton Church Records in 1602.

(Skelton Parish Papers)



(Assume William was 7, Susan 5, George 4 and Richard 2 when their father died in 1606);

William Farndaile, born Skelton about 1599 (FAR00071).

Susan Farndaile, born Skelton about 1601 (FAR00072).

George Farndaile, born Skelton about 1602 (FAR00073).

Infanta Farndale, born Skelton about 1603 (FAR00074).

Richard Farndaile, born Skelton about 1604 (FAR00075).

(From Wills)




George Farndaile died on 9 March 1607 when he was 37 years old


George Farndayll seputs (buried) Skelton 9 Mar 1606.


In 1609 an abstract of Administration of the Goods of George Farndale, late of Moorsome, Diocese of York, deceased. Granted to Margerie Farndaile and Isabel Pinckney (for their own use and for the use of Susan, George and Richard Farndaile, children of the deceased).

(York Wills)

Also in 1609. ‘The Dean of Cleveland grants guardianship of William Farndaile, Susan, George and Richard Farndaile, children of George Farndale, deceased, together with administration of their affairs, goods, rights and portions to Margery Farndale by choice of the said children.’

(York Wills)