The Kilton 1 Line







A very large line which in many ways is the hub of the Farndale family into which many other family lines link





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General Sir Martin Farndale KCB









The Liverton 2 Line
















John Farndale

27 June 1680 to 5 October 1757

Married Elizabeth Bennison and Catherine Jackson

Householder of Brotton, perhaps the first Farndale at Kilton

Kilton, Brotton, Liverton


























William Farndale

5 December 1708 to 28 February 1789

Married Abigail Gear (Goar?)

Brotton, Kilton



Elizabeth Farndale

Born 7 February 1710

Brotton, Kilton


Elizabeth Farndale

Born 23 December 1716

Married Thomas Pickering

Skelton, Brotton



Ellin Farndale

Born 23 May 1720

Married Christopher Cuthbert







The Cuthbert Family


John Farndale

28 February 1724 to 24 January 1807

Married Grace Simpson

“Old Farndale of Kilton”

Farmer, alum house merchant, yeoman and cooper

Kilton, Brotton




















Samuel Farndale

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4 April 1735 to 1797

Marred Elizabeth Hutton

Cabinet maker and joiner, Wesleyan of Kilton

Kilton, Brotton



William Farndale

13 July 1743 to 27 April 1777

Married Elizabeth Barry

Master mariner of Whitby

Whitby, Brotton, Skelton



The Pickering Family

John Farndale

24 March 1750 to 23 October 1825

Married Jane Pybus

Farmer at Brotton

Kilton, Brotton, Skelton


George Farndale

13 May 1753 to 19 November 1782

Married Mary Stephenson

The butcher of Brotton


Hannah Farndale

17 September 1755 to ?

Married James Jackson

Whitby (Lythe), Brotton


Elizabeth Farndale

17 September 1955 to ?

Married Thomas Hall

Whitby, Brotton


Sarah Farndale

21 January 1758 to 17 August 1759

Kilton, Brotton


William Farndale

30 March 1760 to 5 March 1846

Married Mary Ferguson

Farmer of Kilton and a merchant of wood, rods, coals, salting bacon; a churchgoer

Kilton, Brotton


Mary Farndale

Born 26 April 1761

Married nee Frankland

Skelton, Brotton






The Frankland Family

Grace Farndale

Born 2 December 1764

Married nee Fawcet

Skelton, Brotton






The Fawcet Family


















The Whitby 3 Line




The Brotton 2 Line

The Jackson Family

The Hall Family



















William Farndale

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17 August 1777 to 2 October 1863

Married Mary Davidson

Wheelwright and cartwright

Guisborough, Brotton, Great Ayton


Martha Farndale

Born 6 April 1779

Married Francis Earl

Kilton, Brotton, Loftus


Elizabeth Farndale

22 July 1781 to ?

Married William Smith

Kilton, Skelton






The Smith Family

Abigaile Farndale

2 May 1784 to ?

Kilton, Brotton


John Farndale

4 May 1788 to ?

Married Ann Nicholson

Whitby, Danby, Brotton


Joseph Farndale

25 October 1795 to 20 April 1877

Married Mary Hill

Cartwright of Great Ayton

Great Ayton, Middlesborough (Nunthorpe), Kilton, Brotton, Guisborough


Henry Farndale

Image result for agricultural labourer 1800s

25 October 1795 to 28 December 1857

Agricultural labourer of Great Ayton

Great Ayton, Middlesborough (Nunthorpe), Middlesborough (Stainton), Kilton, Brotton, Stokesley


George Farndale

1 December 1789 to 8 May 1858

Married Mary Armstrong

Agricultural labourer of Brotton after living at Richmond (Easby) and Middlesborough (Marton) and who was born and died at Kilton

Kilton, Richmond (Easby), Middlesborough (Marton), Brotton


John Farndale

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15 August 1791 to 28 January 1878

Married Martha Patton

Yeoman farmer of Skelton, Corn Merchant, Insurance Broker


 John Farndale wrote extensively about Kilton and Saltburn by the Sea


Kilton, Brotton, Skelton, Coatham, Stockton, Danby



William Farndale

3 September 1793 to 23 October 1831

Kilton, Brotton


Matthew Farndale

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Description automatically generated3 November 1793 to 8 August 1884

Married Hannah Thompson

Farmer of Kilton who then emigrated to Australia

Birregurra, Kilton, Brotton


Mary Farndale

24 July 1796 to 31 July 1817

A young girl who died at the age of 21 and was commemorated by a tea pot given to her by a sea captain

Kilton, Brotton


Martin Farndale

11 April 1798 to 22 June 1885

Married Elizabeth Hours

Farmer of Kilton of 200 acres and later 600 acres

No Children. He had various children of John (including Charles), his brother living at Kilton at times. He appears to have farmed Kilton Hall Farm, and since he had no children it was then John’s son Charles who then took over farming at Kilton Hall Farm

Kilton, Brotton


Anna Farndale

19 April 1801 to 22 November 1867

Married William Phillips

A farmer’s wife in Skelton after living in Brotton until she was 40

Kilton, Brotton, Skelton


Elizabeth Farndale

10 April 1804 to 19 May 1822

She died at the young age of 18

Kilton, Brotton



The Earl Family

Hannah Farndale

1 March 1802 to 1 March 1802

Born to ‘unmarried’ Elizabeth? Was there a separation?


Harriet Farndale

20 January 1805 to 29 June 1833

Also born to an ‘unmarried’ mother

Married William Whitelock, a shoemaker, 27 July 1827






The Birregurra (Australia 1) Line



The Phillips Family






The Whitby 5 Line

The Great Ayton 2 Line

The Great Ayton 3 Line




















William Farndale

30 June 1817 to (after 1901)

Married Jane Richardson and Hannah ?

A mine labourer in Loftus area (ironstone miner)

Loftus, Richmond (Easby), Hilton, Margrove Park, Broughton


Martin Farndale

17 December 1818 to 12 July 1862

Married Elizabeth Taylor

Agricultural labourer of Skelton 

Skelton, Kilton, Hutton Lowcross, Great Ayton, Easby


George Farndale

15 April 1820 to 25 December 1891

Married Mary Bell

Tile maker, ironstone worker and then brick-layer of Middlesborough

Middlesborough, Hartlepool, Great Ayton


Thomas Farndale

17 February 1822 to 28 March 1854

Married Isabella Bowes

Miner in Bishop Auckland, who had a son, but died at the age of 32

Bishop Auckland, Kilton, Easby


John Farndale

8 February 1824 to 14 February 1824

Died aged 1 week


Matthew Farndale

27 June 1827 to 7 January 1905

Agricultural labourer and then Foreman at East Coatham

East Coatham, Stockton, Kirkleatham, Redcar, Coatham


Robert Farndale

16 May 1830 to 21 December 1877

Married ?

A carpenter who moved from Brotton to London

Brotton, Loftus, London (Putney)


William Masterman Farndale

24 March 1831 to June 1913

Married Jane Brownbridge

Customs officer of Middlesborough

Middlesborough, Skelton, Ormsby, Knaresborough


Mary Farndale

1832 to ?

Long Newtson, Stockton


Elizabeth Farndale

15 August 1832 to ?

Skelton, Stockton


Annie Maria Farndale

9 June 1835 to 2 March 1907

Lived at Kilton Hall until she married

Married Thomas Hall

Kilton, Skelton, MiddlesboroughBrawith Farm, Skutterskelfe, Stokesley, Hutton Rudby

Farmer’s wife (200 acres) with ten children


John George Farndale

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Description automatically generated27 November 1836 to 21 February 1909

Married Elizabeth Sanderson

Printer’s apprentice and served in the Crimean War before he emigrated to Ontario (possibly via Australia)

Ontario, Stockton, Skelton


Charles Farndale

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Description automatically generated27 February 1838 to 18 March 1914

Married Ann Dale

Took over the faring of Kilton Hall Farm where he farmed 577 acres

Kilton, Stockton


Emma Farndale

20 December 1839 to December 1839

Stockton, Brotton












Teresa Farndale

5 December 1833 to ?

Skelton, Stockton








The Bishop Auckland 1 Line




The Coatham Line




The Hall Family

The Ontario 1 Line




William Farndale

16 December 1842 to 9 June 1854



Martin Farndale

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19 September 1845 to 17 January 1928

Married Catherine Lindsay

Farmer of Tidkinhow

Tidkinhow, Skelton, Brotton, Kilton, Tranmire, Tancred Grange, Boosbeck


John Farndale

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26 June 1848 to June 1914

Married Elizabeth Featherstone

Loftus, Skelton, Liverton, Moorsholm


Matthew Farndale

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25 June 1850 to 27 February 1927

Married Mary Liverseed

Craggs Hall Farm, Skelton, Stockton, Brotton




Charles Masterman Farndale

December 1857 to June 1889

Stockton, Tadcaster, Cockermouth


Jane (Ann Maria) Farndale

Born September 1861

Cleveland Port


William Henry Farndale

26 June 1865 to September 1892

Ormsby, Cleveland Port, Brotton
























The Tidkinhow Line



The Loftus 2 Line

The Craggs Line











Joseph Farndale

March 1875 to June 1921

Bricklayer and labourer

Eston, Magra Park, Guisborough, Stockton, Darlington


Miggil (Maggie) Farndale

Born 1877

Magra Park, Broughton






John Martin Farndale

March 1873 to March 1876

Guisborough, Kilton, Brotton


William Farndale

25 April 1875 to 6 February 1948

Farmer of Gillingwood Hall

Gillingwood, Richmond, Kilton, Malton


Ada Farndale

14 June 1876 to 16 May 1915

Gilling, Richmond


George Farndale

A horse standing on top of a grass covered field

Description automatically generated24 August 1876 to March 1970

Farmer of Kilton Hall Farm

Kilton, Redcar, Saltburn


Mary Farndale

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Born 1878



Grace Farndale

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June 1880 to March 1966

Kilton, Redcar 


Albert Farndale

December 1881 to December 1918

An architect of Guisborough

Kilton, Guisborough


Ernest Farndale

June 1883 to September 1885

Kilton, Brotton, Guisborough


Sophia Farndale

23 August 1884 to 1973



























The Richmond Line










The Kilton 1 Line can trace directly back to 1512 from John Farndale as follows:


Nicholas Farndale, (FAR00082), 1634-1693


Georgins Ffarndayle, (FAR00073), 1602-1693


George Ffarndayle, (FAR00067), 1570-1606


William Farndale, (FAR00063), 1539-?


Nicholas Farndaile (FAR00059), 1512-1572