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John Farndale left Croydon and emigrated to California in 1957





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John A Farndale, was the son of George William and Doris May (nee Earnshaw) Farndale (FAR00678), born in the Croydon District. It was probably John Alan Farndale who travelled on the Queen Elizabeth to New York in 1957 (he would be aged 25). He later lived in Santa Ana, California. He married Ardith Fay Gebben (US Citizen). After a divorce, he later married Marion Dorothea Klaembt (US Citizen) on 19 May 1984.

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The Loftus 2 Line






























John Alan Farndale

Croydon then Santa Ana, California

18 February 1932 to September 2012

Married Fay Gebben and Marion Klambt





























Bryan Alan Farndale

October 1959

Married Kimberley Rink





Michael David Farndale

June 1963





Victoria Ella Farndale

August 1971



































Chelsea Avalon Farndale

September 1986



Garrett Austin Farndale





Michael David Farndale

June 1993




























The American 3 Line can trace directly back to 1512 from John Alan Farndale as follows:


George William Farndale (FAR00678), 1897 1953


Arthur Edwin Farndale (FAR00532), 1875 - 1962


George Farndale (FAR00350C), 1843 - 1917


George (FAR00252), 1807 - 1847


John & Jane Farndale (FAR00196), 1772 - 1833


William Farndale (FAR00152), 1739 1813


William Farndale (FAR00123), 1690


George Farndale (FAR00103), 1662


Nicholas Farndale, (FAR00082), 1634-1693


Georgins Ffarndayle, (FAR00073), 1602-1693


George Ffarndayle, (FAR00067), 1570-1606


William Farndale, (FAR00063), 1539-?


Nicholas Farndaile (FAR00059), 1512-1572